Step 1

Break the Republican Supermajority

The Democrats are one seat away from breaking the Republican supermajority in the State Senate. By flipping just one district, we can block the radical right wing agenda, including:

Restricting voters’ rights

We can't win if we can't even vote. We've seen what happens when Republicans control voting rules. Help us keep elections open and fair. 

Attacking LGBTQ rights

Republicans in Georgia want to restrict LGBTQ rights. Help defend the rights of the LGTBQ in Georgia, and we strengthen LGTBQ rights everywhere. 

Harming the environment

Georgia is a major economic and industrial hub. By strengthening regulations there, we help the environment everywhere. We don't need to sacrifice the environment for the economy. We can strengthen both. 

Attacking Women's Reproductive Rights

The Republicans want to control women, especially their reproductive rights. We've already seen what they do when in power, so we need to fight back. 

Step 2

Support Candidates In Abandoned Districts

Republicans ran unopposed in seven districts that Hillary Clinton carried in 2016. Democrats have no excuse to abandon these places, and we will be supporting candidates that choose to stay and fight for their communities. 

Step 3


Nourish the Next Generation of Progressives

Georgia is trending Blue, and a new generation of progressives are ready to step up and lead. With our help, we can facilitate their rise from true believers into legislative champions.