We are creating a partnership between Democrats in California and Georgia.


  • Progressive Climate Change Legislation
    • State policies affect the entire nation. California leads the nation's  environmental protection, and the rest follow our lead. 
  • Voting Rights
    • Voting restrictions are both racist and unconstitutional. Republicans know that they can win only if the deck is stacked in their favor. 
  • Reproductive Rights
    • Women should have access to the healthcare they need. Throughout the country, Republicans in power have pushed through regressive reproductive policies. We need to fight back against this in Georgia. 
  • LGBT Rights
    • Everyone deserves protection, no matter what state you live in. Protecting LGBTQ rights in Georgia strengthens the LGBTQ movement everywhere. 

These guys are going about this the right way.
— Bob Mullholland, Senior Democratic Strategist


  • Redistricting
    • Without controlling the States, we lose control of Congress. And Republicans want to redistrict so that Democrats can't win. If we don't take back the states, we can't ensure every can vote in free and fair elections. 
  • Medicaid Cuts
    • Everyone deserves the security of health care. But Republicans want to cut healthcare for the neediest. We can't let this happen.