Progressive policies help all Americans lead better lives. But we’re not working hard enough to promote these policies throughout the country.

National elections are important, but we’ve lost sight of state and local politics. We’ve been too focused on presidential elections. Even with popular, progressive President Obama, Republicans blocked Demcorats agenda. And they did this by using their power in the states.

We need to take back the presidency and the Congress. But we can't lose sight of local politics. We need to fight for progressives in our state and local communities. By wresting state legislatures from Republicans, we can take back the country. We need to build power at the local level if we want to make our national wins count.

Grassroots Democracy grows at the state and local level. They're laboratories for democracy. Local politics are as important as the federal government. If we want to change national policy for the better, we need to start int he states. In California, Democrats have shown that progressive government is effective government. Californians live in the nation’s biggest economy. And yet we haven’t had to sacrifice personal freedoms, like LGBTQ rights, or the health of our environment. We can have both a better and more prosperous world.

California’s model shows that progressive policies work. And we know that our progressive friends are out there in the rest of the country, too. We need to work harder to strengthen progressives’ bonds throughout the country. Once we do, we’ll build a strong, sustainable political movement at every level of government. We'll win not by dividing people, but by uniting them with policies that are truly for the people.