Blue Neighbors Project is a Political Action Committee dedicated to supporting progressive, Democratic candidates for the Georgia State Legislature. We are a partnership between progressives in Georgia and California, united in the shared purpose of recapturing power at the state level, starting in Georgia and eventually expanding into other battleground states.


Our Mission

Our objective is flipping the Georgia State House.


If we fail, Republicans will have complete control over redistricting in 2021, and, emboldened by the recent Supreme Court decision, will gerrymander their way into power for the next decade. Blue Neighbors exists to build partnerships between Democrats in solidly blue states and those in the battlegrounds where Democrats have the talent and passion to compete, but have been lacking the resources of Republicans.


These investments will strengthen the foundation of the Democratic cause, give us power in crafting legislation, a voice in redistricting, and help flip states in presidential elections.  

California is already the nation’s incubator for progressive change , and we can make more of an impact by directing our resources and donations to Democrats in Georgia who are fighting some of the most pressing and contentious battles for the future of the nation. Elections are far less expensive to run in Georgia than in California, so every dollar we raise goes significantly further than it would if it stayed in California. This is the most impactful way you can spend your money, and all of it goes to candidates who can win.


Why Georgia

Without Georgia, the Republicans have no path to the presidency.


Stacey Abrams’ historic run for Governor of Georgia validated our belief that Georgia is the most flippable red state in the country, and one of the most important battlegrounds in the nation. Without Georgia, the Republicans have no path to the presidency. As the tides have begun to turn, Republicans have embraced their most radical and reactionary agenda yet.


Georgia Democrats flipped 14 seats in the State House in 2018, despite rampant instances of voter suppression, enough to ensure that when Republicans introduced one of the most regressive and oppressive anti-choice bills in the nation, it was only able to pass by one vote.

With support and resources from progressives across America, Georgia can elect the candidates it needs to stop these cruel, disastrous Republican policies and have a seat at the table to guarantee they don’t get to draw the maps that will give them another decade of control.


Our record

We put our theory of this partnership to the test, and we succeeded.


We created a network of donors and activists between California and Georgia, raising money  and organizing campaign volunteers for the 2018 cycle. We put our theory of this partnership to the test, and we succeeded. We supported 15 candidates in the 2018 elections, 12 of whom won their races, shifting power considerably to the left in the Georgia legislature. With your help, we can support even more candidates and take back the Georgia General Assembly in 2020. 


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